We’ve just moved to the “country side” or the closest thing to it, living in the insane city of Macau.

It’s Summer. Myself and the kids didn’t have a chance to go on holiday this year, as we do every summer and have just been making the most of our life at home. My babies are definitely outdoorsy children and spend most of their days monkeying around outside.

Our days start with lazy breakfasts looking out at the sea followed by lots of water play on the balcony. The kids spend the day in their swimming suits. Between swimming in the local pool, running in the green grassy park, cycling around the neighborhood, pladding on our “front yard”  and building sand castles on our black sand beach, it has certainly been a very diferente summer for my family.

Our “backyard “


That’s right lovely people, you guessed it… Another weekend, another trail race from hell! 🔥 And when I say hell, I mean it.

When I decided in the beginning of Summer to sign up for the 30k race, I though ” meh… have all Summer to prep and get back to FIT”. WRONG! I laced up my running shoes all of four times throughout the WHOLE of the kids’ holls. Shame…

Was definitely not ready for this course at Plover Cove and I must admit, I was kind of in denial about it all. It only actually sank in, sat in the cab, on the way to the start point. No joke. I’d done a similar race course – ULTRA Hong Kong – in the same country park back in April and almost died. Didn’t take any water or energy with me and it was a 35+K run. So rough! This time around I didn’t prep for the race, but I had water and gels, which took me to the end, only just…

5K into the race, I tripped and smashed flat on a pile of rocks, as you do… I cried for about two seconds though, before pretending nothing happened and you know, get going again.

It was a gorgeous, super tough climb and run under a blazing sun. Great prep for the upcoming 30K Trail Hiker Macau, happening in early November.

The Green Race organisers are so, so good! The course was extremely well marked out from beginning to end. No one got lost – like in the last Kayk + Run at Deep Water Bay a couple of weeks ago.

We had ice water throughout the whole race, amazing snacks and an ice cold beer as soon as we crossed the finish line.

Absolutely amazing! Signing up for the next one already 🏃🏽‍♀️